Water Analyses


a&t food control laboratory ensures protection of human health through water analyses.

Water is one of the required elements for life. Water has to comply with certain quality conditions in order to be used as domestic and drinking water.

For more detailed information on microbiological and chemical water analyses conducted at our laboratory, please contact us at info@atgidalab.com or at 0212 437 0871.

Water Analyses
Field of test Test Name Test Method Duration of Analysis Accreditation
Water Ammonium Determination TS 266 2-3 Days
Water Hardness Determination TS 266 2 Days
Water Chlorine Determination TS 266 2 Days
Water Sulfate Determination TS 266 2 Days
Water Organic Matter (in Water) TS 266 2 Days
Water Colony Count Analysis of Cultured Microorganisms TS EN ISO 6222, Water Quality - Counting of Cultivable Microorganisms Colony Count with Vaccination in Agar Media 2-3 Days
Water Intestinal Enterococci Count and Detection ISO 7899-2 2-3 Days
Water E.coli and Coliform BacteriaCount ISO 9308-1 2-3 Days
Water Pseudomonas aeruginosa count ISO 16266 2-3 Days
Water Determination of pH TS 266 1-2 Days