• The requirements of TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard is regarded as a basis for establishment, maintanance and observation  of the applications and this is under the assurance of chief executive. The executive management makes regular reviews in respect to this assurance.
  • Understanding the customer needs and giving the convenient service is the general principle.
  • Our management’s guarantees that all the given services to the customers from A&T Food Laboratory are made by the expert personnel who run the good professional practices.
  • For every supply that is affecting the quality of the service, suitability to the organization criteria will be measured during obtaining. In this context we will only work with reliable and high quality suppliers.
  • In the quality of the service given to the customer, customer satisfaction is targeted. Every complaint of the customer is considered according to the organization procedures.
  • Every precaution is taken to provide reliable and impartial results to the customer.
  • Any nonconformity that may occur in our system will be analysed and followed. Every kind of preventive and corrective action will be taken to avoid these nonconformities.
  • It is our principle to protect the confidentiality and security of any kind of information belongs to the customer.
  • Periodical review of the quality management system’s compliance and effectiveness, is under executive management assurance. In this respect, the company invests in all training that is required for continuous improvement.
  • It is principle of our organization to appoint appropriate personnel to every position that may affect the quality of the test results and provide training opportunities to them to improve their qualification. It is under the executive management assurance to familiarize this quality policy to the personnel working in all levels.

a&t Quality Motto

If the present and future of your business depends on our analysis results, it is of vital importance for us to get accurate results.

Evidence of Our Emphasis on Quality


·  High scores in competence tests

·  Utilization of methods which are approved to be valid

·  TS ISO/EN 17025:2010 accreditation granted by TURKAK


For each analysis group within the scope of a&t, participation in Interlaboratories Comparison (LAK) and Competence Tests are ensured at least once a year.

Further information about the results of our Competence Tests can be obtained by sending an e-mail at kalite@atgidalab.com.

Confidentiality and Objectivity is a Must


A&T employees know how important confidentiality is with regards to food tests. The safety and confidentiality of your results are guaranteed and these procedures created within the laboratory are guaranteed by the senior management through the declaration of objectivity by the personnel and professional liability insurance.