Reliable and rapid analyses that we conduct showing utmost scientific and academic due diligence in all of the studies carried out and by placing as much emphasis into food safety as national security and protect public health at the highest level and with our industrial and social responsibility by saying "Humans First, Health First" support the food industry from production to consumption.

We are rightfully proud to carry the services rendered beyond simple analytic tests.

Laboratory service is a service that is carried out with unlimited investment costs with scientific and technological support and that required continuous renewal and development. From this point forth, a&t food control laboratory shows utmost scientific and academic diligence for all of the studies carried out on behalf of both public and private institutions and organizations.

Challenges encountered during chemical, physical, microbiological and molecular analyses and food safety are our areas of expertise.

It is not enough to present test results for a&t - interpreting the analyses and conveying the necessary recommendations to our customers form a part of our services.

The management strategy of our laboratory ensures advancement of customer loyalty and mutual trust and both determination and competition by fulfilling and going beyond expectations.

As per global approaches, our laboratory works completely independently and we work within the framework of ethics rules in terms of providing data confidentiality for our clients and their storage under suitable conditions. These procedures created within the laboratory are guaranteed by the senior management through the declaration of objectivity by the personnel and professional liability insurance.


A&T Mission

We constantly advance the scope of our analyses and diversity in line with the principle of 'Humans First, Health First' and respond to all kinds of expectations of the manufacturers and protect consumers under the responsibility of protecting public health and assisting our country for increasing competitiveness in international trade.

A&T Vission

Continuing to establish ties with the national and international public in the field of food safety and maintaining our position as the leading and most reliable reference laboratory of Turkey in this field.

A&T Values


·  Compliance with scientific and ethics rules and working as a team.

·  Knowing that global conditions are prone to changes at any time and with our strong infrastructure and technology, the sustainability of which we guarantee owing to the various management and investment principles that we hold, reviewing all food security stages continuously within the dynamic structure of life.

·  Rendering the best services in this field in the fastest possible manner.

·  Adopting the guidance of science in our work and implementing innovations fast, accurately and effectively.

·  Ensuring that all our employees abide by the principles of 'Confidentiality and Objectivity' which we guarantee for all our customers and consider as a warranty of our corporate reputation and existence.

·  Obtaining information about the current problems of the food industry immediately, interrogating the situation at hand constantly and learning all details to create scientific solutions and supporting the creation of a common frame of mind at our laboratory and within the industry multilaterally.

·  Maintaining our target to conduct business and render services both at the national and international level and to carry out the necessary studies for this.

·  Reflecting the fact that our primary responsibility and main advantage of our existence is to assist our customers in protecting their brands into all our processes.

·  Revealing the emphasis that we place in our employees' happiness and development with concrete projects and practices.

·  Acknowledging that our primary mission is to conduct research and to be innovative, creative and scientific.

·  We see our job also as our social responsibility and we develop together with all our stakeholders.

History of a&t


We were established in 1999. We conduct business on a total of 1000 square meters area as a Chemistry, Physical, Microbiology and Molecular Biology Laboratory. We also make a number of technological investments within the scope of our laboratory development program for our laboratory which is equipped with modern devices such as HPLC, GC, GC-MS, ICP-MS, LC-MSMS, FTIR, PCR, VİDAS and TEMPO.

In order to obtain further information about our laboratory, analyses and developments that we lead in this field, you may contact us at info@atgidalab.com.


'Well trained and experienced personnel' make up the backbone of our laboratory. Our remarks and recommendations related to your analyses stem from our long term experience. We are proud to work with 50+ personnel, who are all graduates or post graduates of Chemistry, Microbiology, Chemical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering and Molecular Biology and Genetics and who are fully equipped in these fields.

Rapid Solutions

Your samples which are sent to our laboratory are supported with a special software program in all processes from the sample admission procedure and in all stages until the reports are sent back to you. This way, it becomes possible for us to render faster and more efficient services to you. Based on the analysis that is being carried out, we are able to notify the results to you either within the same day or up to 3-4 days.