Sample Admission

Your samples;

·  May be collected by our personnel who are all authorized in this field and with our frigorific vehicles. 

·  You can also send them via courier.

·  You can bring them to our laboratory yourself.   

(You can contact our laboratory for detailed information on our routes to collect samples outside Istanbul and our representatives)

In order to benefit from our services in a rapid and efficient manner,

·  The sample has to represent the batch and has to be sufficient

·  It should be sent to the laboratory within appropriate packaging and under suitable conditions

·  Your analysis requests have to be notified clearly.

Apart from fulfilling the food safety criteria which are effective in increasing the competitiveness of the food industry within domestic and international markets, our analyses also support quality improvement studies;

·  Food Analyses

·  Feed Analyses

·  Water Analyses

·  Packaging Analyses

·  Halal Food Analyses 

·  Hygiene Analyses

are carried out by our expert staff members.


Rapid Solution:

Your samples which are sent to our laboratory are supported with a special software program in all processes from the sample admission procedure and in all stages until the reports are sent back to you and it is aimed to render even faster services to you.

Based on the analysis that is being carried out, we are able to give you feedback either within the same day or up to 3-4 days.

Sample Acceptance Form

Sample Acceptance Content