Nutrition and Label Analyses

a&t food control laboratory ensures protection of human health through nutrition and label analyses.

Food substances have to be free from any microbial and chemical contaminants, they have to comply with security conditions and they should be compatible with national and international norms in addition to packaging and labeling rules. After the nutritional elements of food substances are analyzed, then their energy values are calculated in terms of kcal or kjoule per 100 ml (g) or 1 service / portion with the use of conversion factors. Reference nutrition values are taken into account and their daily intake amount percentages are calculated to prepare a sample label form.

Only those methods which have been approved for validity are being used and LOD, LOQ, repeatability and measurement uncertainty are checked on a regular basis.

All sample batches are subject to quality control measurements to guarantee the accuracy of the data. a&t displayed accomplished z-scores for the nutritional value analyses of various food samples during the competence tests it has participated in over the recent years. 

For more detailed information on the label notification and nutritional values of food substances, please contact us at or at 0212 437 0871.

Nutrition and Label Analyses
Field of test Test Name Test Method Duration of Analysis Accreditation
Food Energy Value (Calories), Carbohydrates and Food Composition A.Ü.Z.F. No: 491 3-4 Days
Food and Feed Protein Ham Protein TS 1620/ 2002AOAC 991.20/ 2000 2 Days
Food and Feed Humidity/ Dry Matter TGK FCC 1996 AOAC 986.21/2000 AOAC 984.25/2000 AOAC 925.10/2000 AOAC 952.08/2000 TGK 2002/16 TGK 2002/18 (Rega:25.08.1974 / 14987)
Food Cellulose TS 4966, TS 6932 2 Days
Food Ash TS 1128, TS 2131 ISO 928, TS 3792/2008 TKB 88 2 gün
Food Total Sugar and Invert Sugar AOAC 968.28 2 Days
Food Sugar Determination (Fructose, Glucose, Sucrose, Lactose, Maltose, Galactose) AOAC 980.13, FCC 2005 2 Days
Food Fat AOAC 945.75, AOAC 945.80, AOAC 960.49, AOAC 950.89, AOAC 945.75, TS 8317, TS 311, TKB, İlgili Tebliğler 2 Days
Food Fatty Acid Composition TS 4664 EN ISO 5508, AOAC 963.22, TGK Tebliğ No:2010/36 2 Days
Food Sterol Analysis (Vegatable Oil Detection) TS EN ISO 12228/2003 COI/T.20/ 1 2 Days
Margarine, Butter, Animal Fat Feed Material Mixed Feed, Feed Additives, Oil seed pulp Humidity and Fat TS 2812, Rega 25.08.1974-14987 2-3 Days
Food Sugar analysis (Luff-Schoorl) Rega 29.07.1978 -16361 TGK, 2002/26 2 Days
Food Total Dietary Fiber AOAC 985.29 3 Days
Convenience food Mayonnaise and Sauce etc. Mustard Spice Bread Variety Meat and Their Products Cheese , Butter etc. Salt TS 2664/ 1977, TS 3706/ 1986, TKB Bursa 88 2 Days
Food Sucralose Analysis TS EN 16155 2- 3 Days
Food Gluten AOAC Official Method 2012.01 R-Biopharm Ridascreen Gliadin 2 Days
Food Elements and Heavy Metal Determination TKB . Bursa 88, AOAC 986.15, AOAC 974.14, AOAC 993.14, AOAC 984.27, TS 6182, NMKL 186 2 Days